Brazil’s​ Foreign Ministry (delivered to conservatives) and the international solidarity

Millions of Brazilians are facing the revolting dispossession of their votes and the project of government, international positioning and national future they have elected. Brazil’s Foreign Ministry, taken over by the tucano José Serra (from the right-wing Party of the Brazilian Social Democracy, PSDB), invited by Vice-President Michel Temer (provisionally on the President’s chair), issued a statement this Friday (June 13) to condemn those who manifested their solidarity with our struggle against the coup. This is how the shameful turn in our diplomacy is inaugurated.

By Moara Crivelente

A demonstration against the coup in São Paulo, March 13, 2016. Photo: Sintaema/SP

It is not a coincidence that the FM’s shameful statement, issued the day after a democratically elected government was usurped by an attempt of provisional government formed by technocrats, oligarchs and fichas sujas (politicians cited or under investigation for corruption and other crimes) of the most conservative right-wing have condemned specifically the Bolivarian Venezuela, Socialist Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, as well as the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America/Treaty of Peoples’ Cooperation (ALBA/TCP), which are represented by progressive governments refusing to sell their nations and sell Latin America as the US backyard, or to exploitative multinational corporations.

In international events or demonstrations of solidarity with the Brazilian people, we hear that the situation in Brazil is the whole world’s concern, especially for peoples who, in their countries and continents, also struggle for their dignity and for the most essential rights. We hear that Latin America and the Caribbean have been a light at the end of the tunnel for movements struggling for peace and justice, against exploitation and “anti-crisis austerity measures”, for their sovereignty and a progressive movement forward.

However, in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentine, Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia, the conservative elites’ and the oligarchies’ reaction, faithful to US imperialism, shows aggressiveness and artifices informed by the political-military strategies elaborated by the boss in the North, understanding that a military coup through direct violence against the government would not be well received. There are many theses on the “soft coups” or “hybrid wars” developed from these new techniques for old strategies.

The Foreign Ministry states that the countries mentioned – those which, like Brazil when governed by Lula, have rejected the US project for a Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (ALCA) – “have allowed themselves to issue opinions and false information on the domestic political process in Brazil”. This was not the spirit when a right-wing delegation, stumbling, tried to visit the right-wing “political prisoners” in Venezuela, who were responsible for another attempt of coup causing the deaths of many people in 2015. But, as the statement shows, all the efforts are in trying to present the coup d’État in Brazil as legitimate, in “absolute respect to the democratic institutions and the Federal Constitution”. The saying is well known.

Vice-President Michel Temer’s speech, after the coup was materialized, as well as a column published by Senator Marta Suplicy in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, have sought to lead a discourse for appeasement, like someone who tells a person fatally wounded by injustice to accept their fate. They seem not to know the Brazilian people, who is used to take to the streets, now to denounce this infamy and whose call was heard by numerous and foreign social movements, media and governments. And since they do not know us, who they think they are going to govern?

We are aware that the state of exception established to disguise this impeachment as legitimate and to promote security against “disorder” – in other words, the protests – will know no limits. Furthermore, the pseudo-juridical activism manipulated from the outside, geared by political and opportunist calculations, chasing some, protecting others, risks representing us again as a “Banana Republic”, an unacceptable term which the governments led by Lula and Dilma have confronted, obstinately, facing those who now seek to criminalize them. It is not a coincidence, by the way, that among his first acts Temer has extinguished the Union’s General Comptroller, which had autonomy.

Their project is one of a republic of oligarchies run by favors, governed by corrupts, where impunity is what functions most efficiently, as well as the subjugation to imperialism. Running the Brazilian Foreign Ministry is someone with no diplomatic career – which is unprecedented – and whose most solid project for the country is to surrender its most strategic state-owned company and resources destined to assert a sovereignty rich in technology developed by ourselves, Petrobras.

But the Brazilian people will not be pacified or appeased while facing the injustice of a hypocritical persecution of a legitimate government and on the streets, where fascism is on the rise. In resistance, we count on the solidarity and support from democratic and progressive forces who know how unjust and criminal this coup is, even when disguised as a legal process.

We prepare ourselves, at a domestic level, to struggle against the social setbacks already announced by the provisional government and for the recuperation of direct elections. We will face, at the international level, the setback on Brazil’s sovereign and active participation, one of cooperation and friendship with nations also engaged in cooperation and in the defense of their sovereignties, or in the struggle against oppressive regimes, (neo)colonizers and occupiers. We shall strengthen, therefore, the internationalist solidarity built during the recent years.


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